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he is clinging onto every syllable 

The Fault in Our Stars + text posts

Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men.

Disney Princes magazine covers (by Oh My Disney)

"Marry me, Tess. Marry me and be Tessa Herondale. Or be Tessa Gray, whatever you wish to call yourself, but marry me and stay with me and never leave me, for I cannot bear another day of my life to go by that does not have you in it."

The Infernal Devices—Clockwork Princess
—Cassandra Clare
—Will Herondale (via herondalegasm)


In Toy Story 3, Barbie’s blue workout outfit is based on the 1984 “Great Shape” Barbie Doll. The Ken doll in the movie is modeled after “Animal Lovin” Ken from 1988.



a guy walked into the board room and said

"hi sweetheart if you could fix me up a coffee real quick im meeting with the regional reports manager in like five minutes, thanks darling"

and i just stared at him and coldly said

"i am the regional reports manager"

we are now twenty minutes into this board meeting and i dont think i’ve ever seen a man look so embarrassed and afraid in my whole life



That time John was in the middle of Sharpie face and someone was at the door

lydia martin appreciation week: day 2 - favorite outfits/hairstyles